Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips For Busy People

Work, family, studies, self care, hobbies… There’s just so much to do and so little time to get it all done! Time management is a struggle many busy people face. The following time management tips will help you balance your work life and other daily activities. Write a To-Do-List Planning in advance is essential in managing your time. A To-do-List …

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Celebrating Women At Work

The month of August is almost at a close. It also marks the end of celebrating women for their triumphs and great developments they have made throughout the world to date. One way of celebrating women in the workplace could be to recognise and increase women empowerment as well as ways to maintain and retain it amongst women in the …

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Women symbol

Celebrating Women

Women are spectacular in every way! So what could be better than celebrating women for one whole month? Women’s day is celebrated on the 09th of August this year. There are some iconic women in this world who are known for their fashionable styles and tips that inspire other women across the globe. Fashion Styles and Tips from Iconic Women: …

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Clothing on sale

Winter Sale Tips

Even though winter chills are still in, many retail stores begin their winter bargains. In terms of bargains, it means red hot SALES! Warmer days will be heading our way soon, so many stores have sales now as the cold winter season comes at a close. Sales Bring Joy End of season is always a joyous time to make the …

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Hat, gloves and winter jacket

Stylish Winter Clothing Ideas For Work: Part 2

Winter seems like the longest season on the calendar! Hence, stylish winter clothing ideas are still needed to be fierce and fabulous in order to brave out the cold winter months. Below are some great stylish winter clothing ideas that can be incorporated into everyday workwear. Inspiring Ideas Often when we think about winter clothing an imagination of thick, heavy, …

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Coffee and blanket

Stylish Winter Clothing Ideas For Work

Winter, the season for good food and lots of cuddles. It has arrived and now it’s time to unpack all of those warm clothing. With cold days it is often a struggle to think about what to wear for work. However, there are lovely winter clothing ideas that could be incorporated in your everyday work wear. Six Winter Warming Clothing …

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Fathers and son

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With just a few day’s to celebrate father’s day, a great gift idea can add more fun, joy and love to make your dad’s day memorable and special. Gifts for the Office There are a wide variety of gift ideas that dad can use in the office. These ideas range from clothing and shoes, electronic gadgets and accessories as well …

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Professional work spaces

Professionalism In The Workplace

What Does Professionalism Mean Professionalism refers to the way in which one conducts themselves in the working environment. This includes having respect for each other at work, commitment and integrity towards work tasks. In the workplace, professionalism can, therefore, be recognised as a result of employees dress code, communication between employees and specifically the handling of serious situations. How to …

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Trendy summer hairstyles

4 Summer Hairstyles For Work

Summertime living is easy until you have to fight heat and humidity when styling your hair. The last thing you want in a morning rush is to spend time doing your hair when sweat and frizz are inevitably going to ruin your look after a few minutes in the heatwave. Say no to hard-to-create styles for your hair. There are …

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Handbag trends 2019

Top Trends In Women’s Hand Bags For 2019

There are constantly new trends popping up in women’s fashion. In 2019, there are different trends in handbags that are expected to make a significant impact on designer handbags and the direction of the industry. Below, we will be going over some of the top trends in women’s handbags for 2019. Animal Prints One of the biggest trends that seem …

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black blazer as part of uniform

What the Colours of Your Uniform Symbolise

When we choose what to wear, we usually make an emotional decision based on our own preferences and our mood. But did you know that colours convey subconscious messages to others? With this information, we can make a conscious decision to use colours in our uniforms that convey the correct message for our brand. Let’s take a look at some …

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