Activities To Do During the Holidays


You work all day, every day, it’s the only thing you do. Then suddenly you’re on holiday! You have so much time available to you, what do ...

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Time Management Tips For Busy People


Work, family, studies, self care, hobbies… There’s just so much to do and so little time to get it all done! Time management is a struggle...

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Celebrating Women At Work


The month of August is almost at a close. It also marks the end of celebrating women for their triumphs and great developments they have made througho...

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Celebrating Women

Employment, Fashion

Women are spectacular in every way! So what could be better than celebrating women for one whole month? Women’s day is celebrated on the 09th of...

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Winter Sale Tips


Even though winter chills are still in, many retail stores begin their winter bargains. In terms of bargains, it means red hot SALES! Warmer days will...

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Stylish Winter Clothing Ideas For Work: Part 2


Winter seems like the longest season on the calendar! Hence, stylish winter clothing ideas are still needed to be fierce and fabulous in order to brav...

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