Use A Face Mask

Protect Yourself From The Corona Virus By Using A Face Mask

Wearing a face mask is now a part of our everyday life. Until a vaccine and/or cure for Covid-19 is found we have to follow every safety measure to prevent ourselves from contracting the Corona virus. It is possible to have the Corona virus without showing symptoms for up to fourteen days; however you can infect others in that time …

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The Gumboot - Workwear That Influenced A Culture!

The Gumboot – Workwear That Influenced A Culture!

Who would have thought that workwear could influence a whole culture? South African miners not only invented fanakalo, a simplified language based on Zulu, English and some Afrikaans, they also invented Gumboot dancing! A Brief History Of Gumboot Dancing Gumboot dancing was born in the gold mines of South Africa. The floors of the mines were often flooded, with poor or …

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What's Up With The White Lab Coat Doc?

What’s Up With The White Lab Coat Doc?

“Doctor!” What image did that word conjure up in your mind? I bet you pictured someone with a stethoscope slung around their neck wearing a white lab coat. Didn’t you? So what’s up with doctors and white lab coats? Or scientists and white lab coats for that matter? We have already seen that we make split second judgements about people based …

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