Celebrating Women At Work

The month of August is almost at a close. It also marks the end of celebrating women for their triumphs and great developments they have made throughout the world to date.

One way of celebrating women in the workplace could be to recognise and increase women empowerment as well as ways to maintain and retain it amongst women in the workplace.

Team Building

Team building is a great way to establish and build women empowerment at the workplace. Book out and take the ladies on an outing to strengthen their skills. Get them to participate in some teamwork. This can be done doing outdoor activities, working out challenges together, working out puzzles together and strategising.

These activities aid in strengthening the workforce. It is also a fun and adventurous way to interact with staff. Lastly, it creates a different experience, other than being at the workplace all the time.

Working together


It is important to get other great women, to come and visit organisations to share their experiences of failure and success. This definitely creates motivation for other women in the workplace and it also assures women that they are not completely alone in their journey of empowerment and success.

Team building

Host Workshops

As an organisation or boss, invest some time and money into running or hoasting workshops that focus on skills that need to be developed amongst women in your organisation. It could just be everyday skills that need enhancement such as, telephonic etiquette, writing reports and other communication means, that are important for a business to function.

Solving situations

Creative Meetings

In order for women empowerment in the workplace, there has to be openness and transparency. A good idea this women’s month will be to have lunch meetings such as bring and share meals and snacks to share together after or during a meeting. this allows the workplace to be less strict, more flexible and comfortable to speak about and manage serious matters.

Spoil The Ladies

After all their hard work, not only at the office but at home too. Every woman deserves a spoil from the BIG BOSS. A group massage is a great idea and a fun retreat or reward for all those hard-working women at the workplace.


These are ideal ways to commemorate the ending of women’s month as well as celebrating women at the workplace. It aids in developing and empowering women of the workplace too.

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