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Celebrating Women

Women are spectacular in every way! So what could be better than celebrating women for one whole month? Women’s day is celebrated on the 09th of August this year.

There are some iconic women in this world who are known for their fashionable styles and tips that inspire other women across the globe.

Fashion Styles and Tips from Iconic Women:

Oprah Winfrey

An icon we are all very fond of, a woman of incredible power and a role model to other women. Although, currently at the age of 65 years old Oprah is still trendy and bold with her fashion. She loves to dawn on long gowns at classic events. Her outfits also consist of simple and elegant styles. Some of her fashion tips can really inspire other women with great ideas for the next function at work or year-end parties.


Michelle Obama

Yet another classic lady. She is known for her popularity as first lady and her powerful talks of women empowerment. She too has fantastic fashion tips that will truly make a lady appreciate women’s month. Her style is often formal with knee-length dresses and long coats, breaking up her outfits with simple jewellery, such as a pearl necklace.


Ellen Degeneres

A very popular talk show host and presenter of her own show, known for showcasing some of the top celebrities on her show. Ellen’s look is very often casual formal. She also wears a great combination of suits and coats. These are great ideas that one can use for work. Especially for corporate, where formal clothing is often required.

Charlize Theron

Born and bred in South African soil…Charlize Theron who has been on the cover of Vogue Magazine is definitely known as the queen of style. Check out some of her great fashion tips and styles. How inspiring to know of a South African woman who is doing big things in the big apple! Truly a great inspiration to all us women.

Celine Dion

An iconic singer known for her fashion styles since the ’90s. She is definitely one who takes bold decisions in her style. No matter how out there her fashion is, she always looks fantastic and feels great! This is truly inspiring for other women to make bolder choices in their own fashion and style.


There are so many iconic women out there in the world who have become great in whatever it is they do. Such as their fashion and style, their jobs and family. We look up to them for support and encouragement as other women as well as celebrating the greatness of the women around us by recognising each other.

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