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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With just a few day’s to celebrate father’s day, a great gift idea can add more fun, joy and love to make your dad’s day memorable and special.

Gifts for the Office

There are a wide variety of gift ideas that dad can use in the office. These ideas range from clothing and shoes, electronic gadgets and accessories as well as lunchtime snack packs.

The Classic Gift

Gifting your dad with the perfect shirt and tie for father’s day will be a line up in his closet to show off at the office. Adding a pair of socks and formal shoes is also a great idea to complete your gift.

There are also alternative items to match your gifts, such as formal blazers, formal pants or a leather belt.

Dad at the office

Electronic Gadgets and Accessories

For a dad who is on the go a great gift idea is a fitness bracelet. He can keep track of his fitness and health at work. These fitness bracelets help keep track of the steps you take and includes a heart rate monitor.

A power bank charger is another wonderful gift that will surprise your dad. It is convenient to use at the office and is ideal for travelling. This electronic gadget will assure you that your dad’s cell phone will always be charged up, ready to receive your calls.

Another gift that your dad will appreciate is a laptop bag or a new briefcase. Getting him one of these accessories will make his workload much lighter.

Electronic gifts

On-The-Go Snacks

A few sweet treats always make the day much better. Spoil your dad with some of his favourite chocolate and sweets. Add other snacks like chips, pretzels and biltong. These can be easily packed for your dad to snack on at work.

A day dedicated to dad’s come once a year, so why not spoil him and take advantage of wonderful gift ideas to make his day even more special.

Gifts for dad

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