• Our design team is professionally trained and technically equipped to create the ideal range of corporate clothing, from fabric design and styles, to the total image required to reinforce your corporate identity.
  • We offer any work wear, from an uncomplicated single selection document to a full brochure.
  • Developing a product is a living process. Continually reassessing existing work wear products and developing new designs and concepts ensure our clients’ needs are always met.
  • We keep abreast of the latest developments in technologies and can boast computer-assisted illustrations available to best help you visualise your concept.
  • As manufacturer and supplier of corporate clothing and work wear, Mbatsani Africa always ensures a smooth process in the procurement of fabric. Our fabrics are value engineered and quality tested.
  • The necessity of raw materials used to refurbishing stock holding of finished goods is in place. We allow the holding of backup stock at our mills so as to avoid the risk of not being able to continue the chain of supply.