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Stylish Winter Clothing Ideas For Work: Part 2

Winter seems like the longest season on the calendar! Hence, stylish winter clothing ideas are still needed to be fierce and fabulous in order to brave out the cold winter months.

Below are some great stylish winter clothing ideas that can be incorporated into everyday workwear.

Inspiring Ideas

Often when we think about winter clothing an imagination of thick, heavy, and puffy clothing comes to mind. Dressing up for work in heavy layered clothing can sometimes make a person feel uninspired. This can be changed by incorporating a skirt…lengthy or short with a pair of boots and a light jersey. This look can be styled up with stockings that have a print or colour to match up with your outfit.

Stylish Winter Clothing Ideas For Work

Managing Layered Clothing

If you know that you are one for layering up those winter clothes, here’s an excellent tip to making your look neat and tidy. A great stylish winter clothing idea would be to belt up a jacket to accentuate your waist. In this way, you avoid bulky-looking layers.

Dressing lightly

Adding Some Colour

Even though summer might not be in as yet, there’s no reason not to splash on some colourful clothing. It adds radiance and brightness to all the dull and grey in winter. Incorporating a floral scarf is a subtle way of adding some colour to your winter work-wear. A simple floral shirt or a floral printed blazer over a plain shirt will leave you with a beautiful look for those winter days.

Colorful scarfs

Fashionable Styles

Scarfs are a decedent winter accessory and there is a wide variety of colours and prints to choose from to suit any of your winter workwear. Have a look at this tutorial on how to style scarfs to suit different looks.

Long Term Investments

Jackets and coats are a must-have winter item for both men and women. Therefore, it is a fantastic idea to invest in one as winter coats can be very pricey. Most winter coats and jackets range from R399.00 to a good R1000.00 and even more. Check out the Edgars catalogue for stylish winter ideas.

Winter coat

Ensuring that you are all prepared for winter allows you to be fashionable and trendy during the grey days, and these great ideas will surely secure any winter look that you going to wear for work.

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