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Would you choose to wear the same ensemble day in and day out? Most people will quickly answer “no”, but read on to see why so many companies choose uniforms.

Many people across the world suffer with the dilemma of deciding what to wear to work every day. In earlier times, the uniform was often associated with, and made mandatory for some organizations. Schools, the police force and even hospitals and restaurants would require staff and students to all be dressed in the same attire. However, today, wearing a standard set of attire in a work environment helps bring uniformity and togetherness, not to mention saving you those ever-changing Rands.

Some choose to dress up for their work day in their own unique style while some opt for a more simple approach and decide on a standard work uniform. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of uniforms in the work place.

Less Frustration, Less Fuss

In a perfect world, we would take the time to set out our work clothes the night before work. Unfortunately, we live in a very fast paced and busy world. Most of us don’t have the privilege of calling it a day after the old “9 to 5”. We still have to come home and attend to chores, and if you have kids it’s even more hectic making sure their homework is done and they’re fed, bathed and taken care of.

Mornings get even crazier with the battle for bathroom, breakfast and deciding what to wear. Uniforms can at least take the latter problem off your shoulders. A standard uniform cuts down any wasted morning minutes because you already know what you’re going to wear well in advance. If you iron these all on one day, you could essentially gain an extra 30 minutes every morning. 30 minutes might not seem like much, but if time were a currency, morning minutes would be gold.

Marketing Your Company

There’s aggressive advertising which most of us who watch TV or use social media are aware of, but marketing comes in many varieties. Having a standard uniform is a great way to advertise your brand in a more subtle way. The presence of a logo and company name on uniforms builds brand repetition and consistency which contribute to your reach. This – coupled with friendly, knowledgeable staff – will leave your customers with a positive attitude toward your brand. And this can extend beyond the boundaries of your office walls to just about anywhere the staff member is wearing the uniform.

A Sense of Belonging and Uniformity

When we all dress up in our uniforms, it brings about a sense of equality and evenness in the work environment. Some smart uniforms create an air of formality and can also be used to distinguish between teams. The feeling of being part of a team is often an excellent confidence boost to employees. It is often said that staff involvement guarantees the employees value as they feel that they are a part of your corporate identity. This sense of equality in the workplace proves to be extremely beneficial to all.

Economically Saving Your Personal Clothes

Choosing an appropriate outfit for the appropriate time can be a huge problem, especially for us ladies. Wearing your “smart” clothing to work, then, not having anything to use in your private life is a grave issue we deal with. So what exactly do we choose? Do we also wear the professional line in our private life to try and save where we can? Or do we have completely different wardrobes for business and personal use? Clothes can be quite expensive and wearing a uniform will definitely save you money and extend the lifespan of your favourite personal clothing.

Comfort or Fashionista

Some might consider uniforms somewhat boring. But does fashion really trump comfort? If you look in the right places you can find a smart shirt and pants which are classy and comfortable and that is all you need in a work environment. Dressing up or down should make you feel good and confident but should also give you that feeling of being comfortable and chic at the same time – fashion forward in a trendy uniform.

Environment Specific Work Wear

Construction Standard Uniform

The work day can be long, so working free from restrictions is an absolute must. This is especially true for the hands-on workforce where the environment and work tools can be hazardous. Uniforms come in all materials and designs and may be created specifically for the job at hand. From an indoor admin job to a factory worker position, uniforms can be used in all departments.


In the traditional sense of the word, uniforms are the same attire worn by all staff, but this doesn’t necessarily have to apply to your company. Some companies will allow their staff to wear anything as long as it adheres to specific colour rules. Office environments may only demand that the attire be smart. Some workplaces might not have any regulations. But uniforms simplify your life! So even if there is no rule on what you must wear, it is good idea to purchase clothes you will use as a “standard uniform”.

Choose uniforms and be assured that all your employees and colleagues are empowered and comfortable in your chosen corporate clothing – free from restriction in your workplace today.

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